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MP abuse analysis Q1–3 2019: Supplementary materials

Sunburst diagram showing the amount and proportion of abuse in tweets to MPs.

Full interactive version

The heatmap in the paper gives percentages of abuse for the topics that attracted the most abuse. In the version shown here, we see volumes for the topics that attracted significantly more abuse than typical across the entire period:

Topics heatmap – Brexit attracted the most abuse especially from March to September

The paper gives one two-month time period, as an illustration.

See all time periods in interactive form

The paper gives a timeline of discussion of religious hatred topics.

Interactive timeline of religious hatred topics

Topic detection

Words appearing most frequently for the 44 topics/most representative of them are given below to assist in understanding the them.

arts_and_culture: mainly the word "cultural", followed by "library", "arts", "museum".

borders_and_immigration: mainly "racist" and "racism", followed by "immigration", "migrants", "asylum".

brexit: mainly "brexit".

business_and_enterprise: "companies", "businesses", "industry", "jobs", "manufacturing".

children_and_young_people: mainly the word "youth" followed by "students".

climate_change/environment: mainly "climate" and "climate change" followed by "environment", "energy".

community_and_society: mainly "council", "community", "communities" and "Muslim".

consumer_rights_and_issues: mainly "consumer" and "consumer rights".

crime_and_policing: mainly "police" and "crime", followed by "prison".

defence_and_armed_forces: mainly "army" and "military".

democracy: mainly "parliament", also "election".

uk_economy: mainly "economy", "austerity", "poverty", "economic".

employment: mainly "jobs".

equality_rights_and_citizenship: mainly "equality" and "citizenship".

europe: mainly "EU", followed by "European", "Europe".

financial_services: mainly "bank", followed by "debt".

food_and_farming: mostly the word "animal", followed by "farmers" and "farming".

foreign_affairs: mainly "USA", also "sanctions".

further_education: "FE", "education", "schools".

government_efficiency_transparency and accountability: "government transparency", "government waste".

government_spending: "government spending", "subsidy", "rebate".

higher_education: "university", "students", "tuition fees".

housing: "rent", "social housing", "landlords", "mortgage".

international_aid: "foreign aid", "ngo".

law_and_the_justice_system: mainly "law" and "laws".

local_government: "local government", also "council tax".

national_security: mostly "terrorism", also "ISIS", "national security", "bombing".

northern_ireland: "Northern Ireland", also "Belfast".

pensions_and_ageing_society: "DWP", followed by "pension", "pensions", "retirement".

planning_and_building: mainly "construction", followed by "architecture".

public_health: mainly "NHS", followed by "health", "mental health", "nurses", "patients".

public_safety_and_emergencies: mainly "surveillance", also "public safety".

rural_and_countryside: mainly "fishing", also "hunting", "countryside".

schools: mainly "school" and "schools". Also "education", "teachers".

science_innovation: "technology", "science", also "internet".

scotland: mainly "Scotland", also "Glasgow", "Edinburgh".

social_care: mainly "social care".

sports: mainly "sports".

tax_and_revenue: mainly "tax", also "taxes", "national insurance", "tax cuts".

transport: mainly "transport", "rail", also "public transport", "trains", "railways".

wales: mainly "Wales", also "Plaid Cymru".

welfare: mainly "welfare", also "social care", "food bank".

wildlife: "wildlife".

workers_rights: mainly "workers rights", "minimum wage".

Abuse detection

Abuse detection makes use of lexica of slurs, offensive words and sensitive markers. These are combined using rules to decide if abuse is present, and whether it is aimed at the recipient of the tweet. The word lists are given below. First are the potentially sensitive identity words, that are not especially offensive. Following that are some very offensive words – WARNING!

Sensitive words

"gay" "queer" "homo" "homosexual" "lesbian" "dyke" "gays" "queers" "homos" "homosexuals" "lesbians" "poof" "poofs" "gays" "queers" "homos" "homosexuals" "lesbians" "dykes" "poof" "poofs" "gipsy" "gypsy" "pygmy" "black" "white" "brown" "african" "asian" "european" "central american" "middle eastern" "north african" "south american" "southeast asian" "native american" "maori" "aboriginal" "Afghan" "Algerian" "Angolan" "Argentine" "Austrian" "Australian" "Bangladeshi" "Belarusian" "Belgian" "Bolivian" "Bosnian/Herzegovinian" "Brazilian" "British" "Brit" "Bulgarian" "Cambodian" "Cameroonian" "Canadian" "Central African" "Chadian" "Chinese" "Colombian" "Costa Rican" "Croatian" "Czech" "Congolese" "Danish" "Ecuadorian" "Egyptian" "Salvadoran" "Salvadorian" "Salvadorean" "English" "Estonian" "Ethiopian" "Finnish" "French" "German" "Ghanaian" "Greek" "Guatemalan" "Dutch" "Honduran" "Hungarian" "Icelandic" "Indian" "Indonesian" "Iranian" "Iraqi" "Irish" "Israeli" "Italian" "Ivorian" "Jamaican" "Japanese" "Jordanian" "Kazakh" "Kenyan" "Lao" "Latvian" "Libyan" "Lithuanian" "Malagasy" "Malaysian" "Malian" "Mauritanian" "Mexican" "Moroccan" "Namibian" "New Zealander" "Nicaraguan" "Nigerien" "Nigerian" "Norwegian" "Omani" "Pakistani" "Panamanian" "Paraguayan" "Peruvian" "Philippine" "Polish" "Portuguese" "Congolese" "Romanian" "Russian" "Saudi" "Saudi Arabian" "Scottish" "Senegalese" "Serbian" "Serb" "Singaporean" "Slovak" "Somalian" "South African" "Spanish" "Sudanese" "Swedish" "Swiss" "Syrian" "Thai" "Tunisian" "Turkish" "Turkmen" "Ukranian" "Emirati" "American" "Uruguayan" "Vietnamese" "Welsh" "Zambian" "Zimbabwean" "blacks" "whites" "africans" "asians" "europeans" "central americans" "middle easterns" "north africans" "south americans" "southeast asians" "Afghans" "Algerians" "Angolans" "Argentines" "Austrians" "Australians" "Bangladeshis" "Belarusians" "Belgians" "Bolivians" "Bosnian/Herzegovinians" "Brazilians" "Britishs" "Brits" "Bulgarians" "Cambodians" "Cameroonians" "Canadians" "Central Africans" "Chadians" "Chinese" "Colombians" "Costa Ricans" "Croatians" "Czechs" "Congolese" "Danish" "Ecuadorians" "Egyptians" "Salvadorans" "Salvadorians" "Salvadoreans" "English" "Estonians" "Ethiopians" "Finnish" "French" "Germans" "Ghanaians" "Greeks" "Guatemalans" "Dutch" "Hondurans" "Hungarians" "Icelandic" "Indians" "Indonesians" "Iranians" "Iraqis" "Irish" "Israelis" "Italians" "Ivorians" "Jamaicans" "Japanese" "Jordanians" "Kazakhs" "Kenyans" "Laos" "Latvians" "Libyans" "Lithuanians" "Malagasys" "Malaysians" "Malians" "Mauritanians" "Mexicans" "Moroccans" "Namibians" "New Zealanders" "Nicaraguans" "Nigeriens" "Nigerians" "Norwegians" "Omanis" "Pakistanis" "Panamanians" "Paraguayans" "Peruvians" "Philippines" "Polish" "Portuguese" "Congolese" "Romanians" "Russians" "Saudis" "Saudi Arabians" "Scottish" "Senegalese" "Serbians" "Serbs" "Singaporeans" "Slovaks" "Somalians" "South Africans" "Spanish" "Sudanese" "Swedish" "Swiss" "Syrians" "Thais" "Tunisians" "Turkish" "Turkmens" "Ukranians" "Emiratis" "Americans" "Uruguayans" "Vietnamese" "Welsh" "Zambians" "Zimbabweans" "christian" "jewish" "jew" "muslim" "jihadist" "jihadists" "sikh" "scientologist" "protestant" "catholic" "quaker" "mormon" "shiite" "sunni" "buddhist" "pagan" "semite" "confucian" "druid" "hare krishna" "hindu" "humanist" "mennonite" "jedi" "new age" "pantheist" "polytheist" "rastafarian" "satanist" "shaman" "shinto" "taoist" "theist" "unitarianist" "voodoo" "wiccan" "zoroastrian" "christians" "jews" "muslims" "sikhs" "scientologists" "protestants" "catholics" "quakers" "mormons" "shiites" "sunnis" "buddhists" "pagans" "semites" "confucians" "druids" "hare krishnaites" "hindus" "humanist" "mennonites" "jedis" "new ageists" "pantheists" "polytheists" "rastafarians" "satanists" "shamans" "taoists" "theists" "unitarianists" "wiccans" "zoroastrians" "zionist" "zionists" "female" "male" "man" "woman" "boy" "girl" "females" "males" "men" "women" "boys" "girls" "feminists" "feminist" "masculinist" "masculinists" "liberal" "conservative" "anarchist" "anarchistic" "democrat" "democratic" "communist" "authoritarian" "libertarian" "corporate" "green" "fascist" "nazi" "separatist" "liberal" "nationalist" "nationalistic" "populist" "progressivist" "socialist" "lefty" "leftist" "liberals" "conservatives" "anarchists" "democrats" "democratic" "communists" "authoritarians" "libertarians" "corporates" "greens" "fascists" "nazis" "separatists" "liberals" "nationalists" "populists" "progressivists" "socialist" "lefties" "leftists" "marxist" "globalist" "globalists" "stalinist" "stalinists" "commie" "commies" "patriot" "patriots" "traitor" "traitors" "elitist" "elitists" "imperialist" "imperialists" "imperialistic" "left leaning" "left-wing" "left wing" "leftwing" "loony left" "right leaning" "right-wing" "right wing" "rightwing" "KKK" "leaver" "leavers" "remainer" "remainers" "brexiteer" "brexiteers" "pro european" "anti european" "pro europe" "anti europe" "centrist" "centrists" "champagne socialist" "champagne socialists" "neoliberal" "neoliberals" "tory" "tories" "colonial" "colonialist" "colonialists" "jingoistic" "dwarf" "midget"


"a cock" "abbo" "abo" "african forklift" "africoon" "afro-saxon" "alligator bait" "americoon" "amo" "analannie" "argie" "armo" "arse bandit" "arsebandit" "arsehole" "ass cowboy" "ass jacker" "ass whore" "ass-assinate" "ass-hat" "ass-jabber" "ass-pirate" "assbag" "assbandit" "assbanger" "assbite" "assblaster" "assclown" "asscock" "asscracker" "asses" "assface" "assfuck" "assfucker" "assgoblin" "asshat" "asshead" "asshole" "ass hole" "ass h*le" "assh*le" "a-hole" "asshopper" "assjacker" "assklown" "asslick" "asslicker" "assman" "assmonkey" "assmunch" "assmuncher" "assnigger" "asspacker" "asspirate" "asspuppy" "assranger" "assshit" "assshole" "asssucker" "asswad" "asswipe" "aunt jemima" "awalt" "axewound" "b!tch" "b00bs" "b17ch" "b1tch" "backdoor man" "bad fuck" "ball licker" "ballsack" "bamboo coon" "bampot" "banana bender" "banana lander" "banjo lips" "bans and cans" "barmpot" "bastard" "bastards" "basturd" "basturds" "batty boy" "beach nigger" "bean dipper" "beaner" "beaner shnitzel" "beastiality" "bellend" "berk" "bhrempti" "bi+ch" "biatch" "big ass" "big butt" "bint" "bitcher" "bitchtits" "bite me" "bix nood" "black barbie" "black dago" "blaxican" "blighter" "blockhead" "blockheads" "bluegum" "bluegums" "boang" "bog hopper" "bog irish" "bog jumper" "bog trotter" "bogan" "bogans" "bohunk" "boner" "border bunny" "border nigger" "bottom-feeder" "brotherfucker" "buckethead" "buckra" "buckwheat" "buddhahead" "buffie" "buffoon" "bug eater" "buk buk" "bulldike" "bulldyke" "bum boy" "bum clat" "bumblefuck" "bunga" "bunny fucker" "burrhead" "butchdyke" "butt fucker" "butt pirate" "butt plug" "butt-pirate" "buttbang" "butterhead" "buttface" "buttfuck" "buttfucka" "buttfucker" "buttpirate" "byatch" "c0cksucker" "cab nigger" "camel toe" "can eater" "canuck" "carpet muncher" "carpet pilot" "carpetmuncher" "carrot snapper" "caublasian" "cave nigger" "charva" "charvas" "chav" "chavs" "cheese eating surrender monkey" "chesticles" "chigger" "chiggers" "chili shitter" "chinaman" "chinc" "chinese wetback" "ching chong" "chinig" "chink a billies" "chink a billy" "chinky" "choad" "chode" "chonky" "clamhead" "clit" "clitface" "clitfuck" "clog wog" "clunge" "cock cowboy" "cock jockey" "cock knob" "cock licker" "cock smoke" "cock suck" "cock waffle" "cock-sucker" "cockass" "cockbite" "cockblocker" "cockburger" "cockface" "cockfucker" "cockhead" "cockjockey" "cockknoker" "cockmaster" "cockmongler" "cockmongruel" "cockmonkey" "cockmunch" "cockmuncher" "cocknose" "cocknugget" "cockqueen" "cockrider" "cockshit" "cocksman" "cocksmith" "cocksmoke" "cocksmoker" "cocksniffer" "cocksuck" "cocksucked" "cocksucker" "cocksucking" "cocksucks" "cocksuka" "cocksukka" "cockwaffle" "codger" "cokmuncher" "coksucka" "conchuda" "conchudas" "coochie" "coochy" "coolie" "coon" "coons" "coondog" "cooter" "cow kisser" "cowboy killer" "cretin" "cretins" "cripple" "cum bubble" "cum guzzler" "cum jockey" "cum tart" "cumbubble" "cumdumpster" "cumguzzler" "cumjockey" "cumquat" "cumqueen" "cumslut" "cumtart" "cunnie" "cunt" "cunts" "cunt rag" "cuntass" "cunteyed" "cuntface" "cuntfuck" "cuntfucker" "cunthole" "cuntlick" "cuntlicker" "cuntlicking" "cuntrag" "cuntslut" "curry slurper" "curry stinker" "cushi" "cushite" "dago" "dagos" "darkey" "darkie" "darky" "deggo" "dego" "degos" "demonrat" "diaper head" "dick beaters" "dick for brains" "dick licker" "dick weasel" "dick wod" "dick-sneeze" "dickbag" "dickbeaters" "dickbrain" "dickface" "dickfuck" "dickfucker" "dickhead" "dickheads" "dickhole" "dickless" "dicklick" "dick lick" "dickman" "dickmonger" "dickrider" "dick rider" "dickslap" "dicksucker" "dicktickler" "dickwad" "dickweasel" "dickweed" "dickwod" "dildo" "dimwit" "dim-wit" "dim wit" "dinge" "dingo fucker" "dipshit" "dipstick" "divvy" "dogun" "doochbag" "dookie" "dork" "dot head" "douche" "douche-fag" "douchebag" "douche bag" "douchewaffle" "duffer" "dum ass" "dumass" "dumb ass" "you are dumb" "you are so dumb" "how dumb you are" "dumb fuck" "dumb fucks" "dumbfuck" "dumbfucks" "dumbass" "dumbbitch" "dumbfuck" "dumbshit" "dumshit" "dune coon" "dune nigger" "dyke jumper" "eat pussy" "eejit" "eskimo" "ewalt" "eyetie" "eyeties" "f u c k" "f4nny" "fagbag" "fagfucker" "fagging" "faggit" "faggitt" "faggot" "faggots" "faggotcock" "faggs" "fagot" "fagots" "fagtard" "fanny" "fanny fucker" "fannyflaps" "fannyfucker" "fastfuck" "fatass" "felcher" "feltcher" "femoid" "fho" "finger fucker" "fingerfucker" "fist fuck" "fistfucker" "flamer" "fog nigger" "footfucker" "fresh off the boat" "FU" "fuck off" "fuck you" "fucka" "fuckable" "fuckass" "fuckbag" "fuckboy" "fuckbrain" "fuckbuddy" "fuckbutt" "fuckbutter" "fucker" "fuckers" "fuckersucker" "fuckface" "fuckfest" "fuckfreak" "fuckfriend" "fuckhead" "fuckher" "fuckhole" "fuckina" "fuckingbitch" "fuckit" "fuckknob" "fucknut" "fucknutt" "fuckoff" "fuckpig" "fuckstick" "fucktard" "fucktart" "fuckup" "fuckwad" "fuckwhore" "fuckwit" "fuckwitt" "fuckyou" "fudge packer" "fudgepacker" "fugly" "funfuck" "gangbangergreaseballhick" "gator bait" "gator baits" "gayass" "gaybob" "gaydo" "gayfuck" "gayfuckist" "gaylord" "gaysex" "gaytard" "gaywad" "get fucked" "gew" "gews" "GFY" "ghetto hamster" "gin jockey" "ginzo" "gipp" "gippo" "git" "go fuck yourself" "go back to wherever you came from" "golliwog" "gooch" "gook" "gook eye" "gooky" "goy" "goyim" "greaser" "gringo" "groid" "guala guala" "gub" "gubba" "gurrier" "gwat" "gyppie" "gyppy" "hairyback" "half-breed" "half-caste" "halfrican" "haole" "hapa" "heinie" "hick" "higger" "hillbilly" "hindoo" "hodgie" "homodumbshit" "honkey" "honky" "honyak" "honyock" "hoodrat" "hoosier" "hore" "huns" "hunyak" "hunyock" "hussy" "ice monkey" "ice nigger" "idiot" "idiots" "ike" "ikey" "ikey mo" "ikey mos" "iky" "imbecile" "injun" "island nigger" "jackass" "jagoff" "jant" "jap" "japie" "jerk" "jerkass" "jhant" "jiga" "jigaboo" "jigarooni" "jigg" "jigga" "jiggabo" "jijjiboo" "jimfish" "jizz" "jungle bunny" "junglebunny" "khazar" "knob head" "knobhead" "kooch" "kootch" "kotiya" "kraut" "kunt" "kushi" "kushite" "kyke" "l3i+ch" "l3itch" "lameass" "lardass" "latrino" "latrinos" "lawn jockey" "leb" "lebbo" "lemonhead" "lesbo" "lez" "lezbo" "lezz" "lezza" "lezzer" "lezzie" "lezzo" "libtard" "libturd" "limpdick" "ling ling" "loony" "loser" "losers" "lubra" "lugan" "makwerekwere" "mangia cake" "mcfagget" "milf" "minge" "minger" "mockey" "mockie" "mocky" "moke" "moky" "mong" "mook" "mooncricket" "moron" "morons" "moss eater" "mosshead" "mothafuck" "mothafucka" "mothafucked" "mothafucker" "mothafucks" "mother fucker" "mother fuckers" "motherfuck" "motherfucked" "motherfucker" "motherfuckka" "moulie" "moulignon" "moulinyan" "mud person" "mud shark" "muff" "muffdive" "muffdiver" "muffindiver" "mufflicker" "muk" "muktuk" "mulato" "mulatto" "mulignan" "munter" "muppet" "muppets" "muthafecker" "muthafuckker" "mutherfucker" "n1gga" "n1gger" "negress" "negro" "negroes" "negroid" "negros" "net head" "nichi" "nichiwa" "nig-nag" "nigaboo" "nigette" "nigg" 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"pollock" "pommy" "poofter" "poon" "poonani" "poonany" "poontang" "poor white trash" "popolo" "popolos" "porch monkey" "porchmonkey" "pornprincess" "prairie nigger" "prat" "prats" "prickteaser" "proddy dog" "proddy dogs" "proddywhoddy" "proddywoddy" "psycho" "pu55i" "pu55y" "pua" "punani" "punanny" "punta" "puntang" "pusse" "pussi" "pussie" "pussy" "pussyeater" "pussyfucker" "pussylicker" "pussylicking" "pussylips" "pussylover" "pussypounder" "pusy" "puto" "quadroon" "queef" "queerbait" "queerhole" "red indian" "redlegs" "redneck" "redskin" "renob" "rentafuck" "retard" "retards" "retarded" "rhine monkey" "rimjaw" "rimjob" "roastie" "roofucker" "roundeye" "rugmuncher" "ruski" "russellite" "sambo" "sand nigger" "sandnigger" "sand niggers" "sandniggers" "scag" "scags" "scallie" "scally" "scanger" "schizo" "schlong" "scrote" "scrubber" "scum" "scumbag" "scum bag" "scumbags" "scum bags" "semihole" "senga" "seppo" "shanty irish" "sheepfucker" "sheltas" "shit heel" "shit heels" "shit kicker" "shitass" "shitbag" "shitbagger" "shitbrains" "shitbreath" "shitcunt" "shitdick" "shitface" "shitfaced" "shithead" "shithole" "shithouse" "shitspitter" "shitstain" "shitter" "short fuck" "shut the fuck up" "shut da fuck up" "shut your mouth" "shut your fucking mouth" "shylock" "shyster" "sideways cooter" "sideways pussy" "sideways vagina" "skag" "skanger" "skank" "skank bitch" "skank fuck" "skank whore" "skanky" "skanky bitch" "skanky whore" "skeet" "skin flute" "skullfuck" "slag" "slags" "slant eye" "slant eyes" "slapper" "slit" "slits" "slopehead" "slopies" "slut" "slut wear" "slut whore" "slutbag" "sluts" "slutt" "slutting" "slutty" "slutwhore" "smeg" "smeghead" "smoke jumper" "smv" "snownigger" "sodomite" "son of a bitch" "son-of-a-bitch" "sooties" "soup taker" "southern fairy" "spaghettibender" "spaghettinigger" "spermbag" "spermhearder" "spermherder" "spic" "spice nigger" "spick" "spickaboo" "spics" "spide" "spig" "spigger" "spigotty" "spik" "spink" "spiv" "splooge" "squaw" "steek" "STFU" "stump jumper" "you are stupid" "you are so stupid" "how stupid you are" "subhuman" "sub human" "suckass" "suckme" "suckmytit" "t1tt1e5" "t1tties" "taffy" "tard" "tart" "teabagger" "testicle" "thicklips" "thundercunt" "timber nigger" "timbernigger" "tinkard" "titfucker" "titfuckin" "tittyfuck" "tosser" "tossers" "tosspot" "tosspots" "touch of the tar brush" "touch of the tar brushes" "trailertrash" "tranny" "tree jumper" "trisexual" "trollop" "tunnel digger" "turd" "turds" "tw4t" "twat" "twats" "twathead" "twatlips" "twatty" "twatwaffle" "twerp" "twerps" "twobitwhore" "twunt" "twunter" "tyke" "tyncar" "tynekere" "tynkard" "tynkards" "tynkare" "tynker" "tynkers" "u cock" "uncircumcised baboon" "unclefucker" "unfuckable" "velcro head" "wagon burner" "wally" "wank" "wanker" "wankers" "wankjob" "wassack" "wassock" "wazzock" "wetback" "wexican" "whigger" "white nigger" "white trash" "whitenigger" "whitey" "whoar" "whore" "whore from fife" "whorebag" "whoreface" "whorefucker" "whores" "wiggerette" "williewanker" "wimp" "witch" "wog" "wop" "wuss" "yankee" "yellowman" "yid" "you cock" "your arse" "your ass" "zigabo" "zigabos" "zipperhead" "zippohead" "zog" "zog lover" "zogs" "coward" "christ killer" "christ killers" "four by two" "gew" "hebe" "hebro" "heeb" "holohoax" "hooknose" "hooknosed" "hymie" "hymies" "jew-fucked" "jew-fucker" "jewbag" "jewbagg" "jewtard" "jewtarded" "khazar" "kike" "kikes" "kikesberg" "oven dodger" "shekelnose" "Zio" "ziojew" "Zionazi" "jewbacca" "jewbaccas" "hebes" "hebros" "heebs" "African catfish" "camel fucker" "derka derka" "durka durka" "Gerudo" "musla" "muslamic" "muslimal" "muslimic" "mussie" "muzzie" "muzzpig" "muzzrat" "muzzy" "pisslam" "pissweasel" "sand monkey" "banislam" "towel head" "towel heads" "towelhead" "rag head" "raghead" "camel cowboies" "camel cowboy" "camel fucker" "camel fuckers" "camel humper" "camel humpers" "camel jacker" "camel jackers" "camel jockey" "sand niggerette" "sand nigger" "papist"

Offensive words

"anal" "anus" "arse" "arsing" "ass" "bitch" "bitches" "bitchass" "bitch ass" "blasted" "bloody" "blooming" "bollocks" "bollox" "boob" "boobies" "boobs" "booner" "boong" "boonga" "boonie" "booobs" "boooobs" "booooobs" "booooooobs" "braindead" "brain dead" "bugger" "bullshit" "butt" "bum" "cock" "cocksucking" "coward" "cowardly" "crap" "crappy" "damn" "daft" "dick" "dicks" "dicksucking" "dirty" "dozy" "dumb" "dumb ass" "dumbass" "cretinous" "fat" "feck" "fool" "frigging" "friggin" "fuck" "fucking" "fuckin" "fken" "fucken" "f*ckin" "fu*kin" "fuc*ing" "f*cking" "fu*king" "fuc*ing" "f**kin" "fu**in" "fuc**ng" "f**king" "fu**ing" "fuc**ng" "fcuk" "fcuking" "fcuken" "fucks" "fucked" "fucked up" "goddam" "gormless" "go to hell" "humping" "ignorant" "moronic" "mothafuckin" "mothafucking" "motherfucking" "motha fuckin" "motha fucking" "mothafuckin" "mothafucking" "mother fuckin" "motherfuckin" "mother fucken" "motherfucken" "mother fcken" "motherfcken" "munging" "minging" "nigga" "niggas" "pathetic" "penis" "phriggin" "phrigging" "phucking" "phuckin" "phucken" "po-faced" "poxy" "prick" "pricks" "puke" "pussylicking" "screwed" "shag" "sheister" "shit" "shite" "shittiest" "shitting" "shitty" "shut up" "silly" "skanky" "snowflake" "stupid" "tit" "tits" "tittie" "titties" "titty" "ugly"

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